Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,
Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,






Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!

Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort, Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,

  Scam Alert! Local man posing as land investor.

  Resale Scam. Local employee passes on owners equity sheets to local resale company.

From The Editor!





With all good stories and in finding out the truths and making those truths public any good reporter will find that there are those who do not want certain things known and will do everything possible to stop it. Be it either legal or illegal, those that have something to hide will continue to harass and even threaten to keep hidden their secrets. Even if it comes to false arrest, threats, threats to do harm and even lie to officials to hide their fraud and illegal activities.


In my journey to uncover the truths about a resort located here in Virginia I have come across many truths and have found out from first hand knowledge and experience that these stories happen to be true. In uncovering their scam to deprive and steal from their own employees, I have been threatened and my good name smeared, any time you are dealing with those who feed off the labor of others are caught in the act and are faced with the truth, they tend to try to hide their wrong doings like a cat in a litter box. (Cover it up).


In my years working at this specific resort they have tried to corrupt me into their ways of lies and fraud. When you have to boldly lie to someone to sell the product tells me you are unethical and have no self esteem. Many people who go on timeshare tours do not understand the atmosphere they are entering into. It is a lions den of lies and fraud. In the world of timeshare it is all about the deal and not about the customer.


Since uncovering their scam and how they work and their sideline affairs I have been black listed, threatened, harassed and even lied about to hide their dirty little secrets but no matter I will continue to make public the hidden truths therein. This resort has also threatened my life partner with harm, sexually discriminated against her and even placed a man who just did six months in jail in her department just to gather information on me.


This resort in question is so desperate to shut this site down since it is reporting the truths. They will stop at nothing even if it means falsely accusing or even offering money to harm myself and partner.  When I was employed at this resort I was forced to hand over parts of my pay to other managers and have seen with my own eyes as employees earnings were stolen from them. I have seen the drugs and the abuse of the employees and have heard the language used against them.


In reporting these activities to local authorities and knowing that many are paid off to look the other way forced me to take my case to Washington DC. I have filed papers with the Federal Court System to ensure a legitimate paper trail of my fight for justice.


There are many employees who continue to work at this resort and know of my fight. Many would love to join myself and the others who are standing up but many are afraid due to the retaliation the resort does to their employees. Their retaliation consist of canceling their contracts, forfeiture of bonus pays, loss of hours, placing them on the bottom of their sales rotation list, forcing them to stay late, putting them in overage and any other way they can to ensure that the employee who stands up loses wages.


I am but one man who is standing up for what is right, there are others who are as well. I am asking all those who who are hiding to come together and stand up for what is right as well. If you continue to hide nothing will change and you will continue to work in fear everyday. For those at the resort that are reading this who are part of the problem I say to you. Grow a backbone and do what is right.


People are human beings and deserve to be treated as such, when you allow a bunch of drug runners and drunks to control you shows you are no better then they are. As you continue to work you are also continuing to help supply the resort with the funds that are needed to continue to treat you as they do and that is like garbage.


Many employees who know me know I speak the truth. Some employees just don't care and some are frightened due to their evolvement and also due to their drug and alcohol usage.


It has become a shame that the resort has stooped so low as to pay or promote those who would lie for the company.


In a few weeks I plan to release certain documents to the public that the resort will not like, since they are public knowledge already it is lawful for me to do so. By releasing these documents will prove what your hard labor is paying for and who the benefactor really is.



As many of the employees already know of the wage theft already happening and many also already know of the drugs passing through the resort when I release these documents ask yourself who is really being ripped off? is it you the employee or is it you the employee ripping off the customer for the benefit of the certain few.


As each employee shows up for work unaware of the real meaning of their position. There is a saying there that goes like this. (When your green you grow, When your ripe you rot) have you figured out the real meaning of this term?













Here it is brought to light. When you are new you know nothing, you are trained in the fashion they want you to be trained in. This is why they give you that book on how to use those third party stories during your tours. Those stories are nothing but lies and you are even taught how to pitch heat. (More Lies).  When a company has to train their employees how to lie should tell you about the people behind the company itself. Only a company who has to lie to stay in business has more to hide then you realize. It also shows you how unethical they really are. If said company will lie to the customer don't you think they will lie to you the employee? or even go as far as lying to authorities? Who is kidding who?


Now the meaning of the term when your ripe you rot. What this really means is that you figured out what you are really doing. Lying and cheating the customer. When a person who has a backbone finds out that his or her position was all based on lies sinks in they tend to turn away from the company due to finding out the truth. When this happens the company is fast to fire them or fast to make sure they quit due to threats and harassment or loss of tours.


Most people find out they have a conscience, some tend to follow their hearts and others tend to continue to stay on the same path. Those that stay on the same path are the worse due to realizing what they are doing is wrong but continue to do so. These are the ones the company tends to promote and keep around. These people are the type who would lie, cheat, steal and do amongst other things to retain their positions and or advancement within the ranks of this company.


I myself must admit that I have seen this resort pray on the elderly and poor, I have heard the nasty remarks made about our northern neighbors and I have seen the way they treat those from other countries. I have heard customers called pieces of shit and Dots, I have seen the resort prey on the elderly due to them being retired and having a retirement fund. A Mr. Kes**r goes around saying eat me to customer and telling them to take him in their throats. This is the sick and twisted who are employed there.


This person is the very same person who the resort depends on for testimony. A known pathological liar, drug user and alcoholic. His record speaks for itself. After being released from his six month jail term for his third DUI he was re-employed at this resort. Sales people at this resort must have a valid drivers license and proper insurance. But it seems this guy is given special favors. Why? I will let you figure that one out.


This specific resort has been know to lie, bully, threaten their employees who tend to stand up and speak out. Since they are a large company within the county they think they control everyone and don't mind stepping on the toes of the people who live there. In other words they think they are untouchable.


As I continue to chip away at their trunk, even the largest tree will eventually fall. As I continue I will also continue to bring to light the truth they wish to hide. I am unafraid to stand up for what is right. I wish there were more like myself who care enough to speak out but most hide in fear knowing the resorts reputation of threats and harassment.


As a 100% employee owned company the employee refuses to understand they have the power to change the resort. But there are those who are in control who refuse to allow the employee to even speak.









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