Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,
Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,






Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!

Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort, Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,

  Scam Alert! Local man posing as land investor.

  Resale Scam. Local employee passes on owners equity sheets to local resale company.


For Immediate Release.



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To all employees, business owners, friends and anyone who may be affected by this person.  We the employees of a specific resort have formed a BOARD for the protection of the employees. In doing so our board was infiltrated by a professional con artist who is trying to gain off of the legitimate concerns of the workers who have actual complaints.


This man is also advertising as a land investor in Rockingham County Virginia and has no investors licence's to either do business as an investor or to hold any money for an investor. 


On July 27, 2017 this BOARD officially voted him out and renamed the board in order to have no affiliation with the person known as (A.K.A, Pall Bamm, Paul Gwazdauskas, Paal Wall, Paul Dance, Paul Gwaz).


It has always been known that if one can not clean their own house, then how can they clean another's. We the BOARD members have cleaned our home and will continue to pursue the right path.


Let it be known in this PUBLIC NOTICE that we will also stand up for the resort in question to fight and to protect them as well as we are not trying to defraud or harm the resort.


Below you will find a list of his endeavors.


On May 7, 2008 , the Securities Division of the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State issued a Final Order to Cease and Desist to Paul Gwaz, aka Paul Gwazdauskas . This Order made permanent the terms of the Temporary Order to Cease and Desist issued on January 11, 2008, in this matter. Mr. Gwaz failed to object to the imposition of the Final Order or seek any hearing in this matter. Mr. Gwaz is restrained from offering to sell, or selling, interests in New Build Land Trust , or any other security, in North Carolina without first complying with the North Carolina Securities Act. View PDF Here


Here is his People of Purpose 


He is also posing as a consultant on linked in:


Company Name Gwaz Group

Dates Employed Dec 2010 – Present Employment Duration 6 yrs 8 mos

Gwaz Group is an educational consulting firm to dedicated
to informing the public about the dangers of the government, banking, and other institutions intrusion into their lives, including spying, slander, collusion, with the sole purpose to steal, kill and destroy. By exposing the methods used and interviewing the accused, the enemy of the State are the people in power that are supposed to protect it's people Returning the power to the citizens of the country and refusing to be enslaved by the State will cause a change and weed out the misuse and abuse of power.







These are but a few found on this indivual. We the BOARD cannot and will not be accountable for this mans misdeeds or any of his endeavors. Everything I have posted here is public knowledge and lawful to do so. We will expose the truth and remove the veil of secrets on anyone, even if it is one of our own as no one is above another as we are all created equial.


(On a personal note). Mr. Gwaz, you tried to play on mine and others legitimate complaints and concerns who have a real interest in making change in the workplace. No one and I mean no has the right to try and scam, defraud or take advantage of us or the company in question.




PAUL R. GWAZ (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) The Commission revoked the broker license of Mr. Gwaz effective December 17, 2009. The Commission found that Mr. Gwaz falsely represented the arrangements and details of a real estate investment

scheme to investor-clients; failed to maintain investor-client funds in a trust account as required by Commission rules and converted funds received from investor-clients to his own use; failed to provide information and records requested by a representative of the Commission; and incompletely prepared a lease-option agreement on a form not intended for that purpose using ambiguous terms and conditions.


The website: states Paul Gwaz is a North Carolina licensed real estate agent currently with Keller Williams Of Greensboro in Greensboro. As a member of a North Carolina REALTOR association, agent Paul Gwaz has access to the local Multiple Listing Service serving the Greensboro area. [continued below]....
Report Attachments:


..... The MLS is a tool used by the best Greensboro REALTORS like Paul Gwaz to truly understand and explain the Greensboro real estate market conditions data to you and to market you home for sale.

Do not do business with this man. He stole so much money from us and others in real estate transactions. He is no longer licensed to do business in real estate.



Continuing harassment from Mr. Paul Bamm





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