Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!



In-House &

The New Jerk!


Have you ever had one of those people you worked with and you know that they are your boss, but they are also the biggest jerk you have ever come across? Well let me tell you about the biggest jerk I have ever come across in all my many years of employment.


There is an in-house director (Lets just call him NEW JERK) who runs the entire in house department. Every morning he comes in and has to drive his truck like a wannabe indy driver turning into his so called private parking place as fast as he can with out hitting the cars parked there.


Everyday he has to carry his side arm due to being afraid someone will finally stop putting up with his crap and punch him out. During his early morning meetings when he is not calling the sales personal every name in the book because sales were down or not to his liking he spends the rest of his day badgering others.


Now there are different parts of the in house department. The Main Floor, The Closing Offices, Gifting, Secretaries Office, Tour Check In and Out and the famous, Exit Department where they try to get the tours to purchase on a last ditch effort before giving them their gifts that were promised.


Everyday people show up after being tricked to be there in the first place and they gather at the check in waiting to be picked up by their prospective tour person (Salesman/Saleswoman), after a quick shake and a fake smile the salesperson takes these unsuspecting guinea pigs into a smaller room and starts warming up to them (Feeling them out) and hence the tour begins.


Now when these people checked in some were harassed at the counter when they received their parking pass, (Would you like to attend an owners meeting, it will only take 30 minutes and there is a free breakfast or lunch depending on if you got stuck on the morning tour or the afternoon one.)


The lies already started before the poor person even checked into their rooms, now after you are drug to another part of the resort for breakfast/lunch you are pitched for at least an hour or two, making you promises and swaying you to sign on that famous dotted line.


When your finished and you return to the in house sales room you are again badgered into accepting a price that is at least marked up by a minimum of eight to ten thousand dollars or even more, I have seen it in the high thousands. When you sit there and listen and you finally have the strength to refuse the offer here comes Mr. New Jerk! Hee Hee Hee! Just when you thought it was over.


As Mr. New Jerk sits down and shakes your hand he will sit there looking like a chimpanzee glaring right at you with that fake smile. (Most of the times its like he is hopped up on coke or something), beware this moody monkey. Take away his banana and watch him lose his freeken mind, if I had a penny for every lie that came out of that foul mouth I could retire a very rich person.


What this guy will do for a deal is beyond belief, he will lie, scream, pout, beg, badger, throw things around, curse at other sales personal he refuses to allow any customer to buy in the exit department due to him losing and the customer getting the cheapest deal.


This guy is a real jerk if I may say so, I am afraid if a customer pisses him off enough he may even go as far as shooting someone, this guy is as unstable as nitro on a 120 degree day and being in the direct sunlight and someone getting ready to hit it with a hammer. BOOM!


I would say he needs med's but I think he is already self medicating. Here is a sales director who can actually cuss their sales personal out daily, due drugs, carry a gun, arrange for sales peoples deals to be canceled so they lose commissions, make sexual advances on the woman working there and still remain in the position he retains with out being fired.


So if you ever have the chance to come across this person on your tour here's what you do, sit down, shut up, look directly into his face and reach into your bag and whip out a banana, this should cause the angry chimp to relax some. Now as he is downing that banana get up and run for the exit department. $4,990 is better then $29,990 if you buy, and if you don't buy anything just get your gifts and run like hell.








Timeshare puppets for the management.








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