Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,
Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,






Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!

Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort, Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,

  Scam Alert! Local man posing as land investor.

  Resale Scam. Local employee passes on owners equity sheets to local resale company.


So U Need To Know What I am Doing!!!!

Well it is non of your dam business!!!!


This is for those people running around the resort where I was employed asking what I am doing now and where I am going, where I am working and to tell you the truth it is non of your dam business.


To answer a few of those questions I will tell you this, I am working and happy doing my work, I do not need to lie to the customers as you have to, I have not finished my fight against those who have tried to harm me or my family and for those who are worried about me now answer me one question. Where were yo when I needed support!


Well I will tell you that you ran and you also ran your nose up the ass of the management to preserve your jobs.


So do me a favor and worry about yourself's, be honest for once in your miserable lives and do what is right. Stop the drugs and drug traffic, stop the foul language, sexual discrimination and special favors for promotions, stop sucking up to management and become human again, and for you gay ass salesmen who go around hitting up on stright men do me a favor and get a life. If you can not figure out who or what you are how in the hell can you worry about what others are doing?


In other words:


Worry about yourselves and mind your own dam business.





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Have you ever had one of those people you worked with and you know that they are your boss, but they are also the biggest jerk you have ever come across? Well let me tell you about the biggest jerk I have ever come across in all my many years of employment. Read More..

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At this time we are continuing to follow the latest news and ongoing investigations of a local timeshare resort. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!



Man Poses as land Investor in Rockingham Co. Scams thousand in NC.

This man (Paul Gwaz) is also advertising as a land investor in Rockingham County Virginia and has no investors licence's to either do business as an investor or to hold any money for an investor. 

On July 27, 2017 this BOARD officially voted Paul Gwaz out and renamed the board in order to have no affiliation with the person known as (A.K.A, Paul Bamm, Paul Gwazdauskas, Paal Wall, Paul Dance, Paul Gwaz). Read More..

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A Little About Us:

By now you are wondering who I am, Well I am who I am, I was once a top seller of timeshare at a very large private resort, I was a sales manager both in-house and frontline and a friend to the customer I had the pleasure of meeting. I was one who actually cared enough to make sure the customer had a fair deal without marking it up to where it was beyond reason like some I worked with did and still continues to do.






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