Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,
Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,






Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!

Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort, Virginia Timeshare, timeshare, Virginia-Timeshare, timeshare resort,

  Scam Alert! Local man posing as land investor.

  Resale Scam. Local employee passes on owners equity sheets to local resale company.


Harassment by Paul Gwaz! (A.K.A. Paul Bamm, Paul Dance, Paal Wall, Paul Gwazdauskas).


Catching the Con Artist!


Recently we the people, employees past and present of a resort banned together to fight the unjust ways this company treated their employees. It has been just over a year since I have been fighting for the proper justice for being discriminated against due to age, religion and amongst other things.


This website has been running for over a year now and in doing so many employees have contacted me on their treatment. In early 2017 Mr. Gwaz contacted me and told me his story and in doing so saw how the resort damaged my personal life and how it has damaged my family.


Playing on my hardships Mr. Gwaz decided to take advantage of me and those others who have filed hardship complaints against the company. Knowing that we the employees were filing against the company on real complaints Mr. Gwaz decided to play on the emotions of others as well.


In finding out about the history of Mr. Gwaz we the employees decided to pull away from him to protect ourselves and homes. In or about June Mr. Gwaz interfered in the auction of a home being sold by foreclosure buy falsely getting the owner to turn their property over to his indian nation or his People of Purpose.


In Mr. Gwaz finding out that we were filing against the resort he offered to deposit any money received into his people of  purpose where only his wife and himself have control. This was a ploy to fraud us.


After this was brought to the attention of others the harassment began with phone text messages in which I am posting. In one he is telling me to put a gun to my head. This is another way of threatening me.


Mr. Gwaz's background speaks for itself, when one uses fraud most of their life they continue to do so in the present, these type of people are hard to trust. Mr. Gwaz is now threatening us with letters using the United States Postal Service to do his dirty work. Knowing you are trying to fraud, extort or threaten through the postal service is a crime in itself.


In demanding papers which contain the signatures of others, he can use these names to steel the identity of those people and Mr. Gwaz is not the rightful owner of these papers and no one in their right mind would allow him to have them.


This website is protected under the 1st amendment and the freedom of information act. The information on this site can already be found on Google and many other website's. This site is not about slander it is about truth and within it you will find the truth.


Mr Gwaz goes around telling everyone he is an american indian when he is not, he also claims he is not an American Citizen but a sovereign person. He calls us traitors and threatens us using laws in which he refuses to recognize himself. In his eyes he is above the laws of this country.












Below you will find the text messages that were sent to me. This man is a known con artist and now he is trying to not only fraud us but also the State of Virginia and others by setting up a go fund me fund.



My conversation is in blue and Mr. Gwaz is in yellow. This man is a psychopath and will not stop the harassment even after I have sent him a cease and desist letter. PDF of letter.


Everything here that I have posted is true and to the best of my knowledge. Mr. Gwaz is a professional con artist and should be taken as such. I for one have been harassed and so have my cohorts.


If you are approached buy this person please use extreme care and don't fall for his preaching of the good book. He uses this to befriend you and make you think he is an honest man.


I will leave it up to you the reader to decide. I am not the judge and I will not judge or be judged. I can only speak from experience of being trapped into believing this man. I have only known this man since May 2017 and in one text he thinks he is my best friend. It takes years to become a best true friend and a friend would never fraud the other.


Read More on Mr. Gwaz


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