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For Immediate Release.




To the home owners on or around Massanutten Mountain located in McGahesville, Virginia. Be advised that lurking in your neighborhood are sexual predators and drug dealers.


Many people understand that when you have workers coming in from different parts of the country that they bring their bad habits with them, within these bad and dangerous habits are drug usage, sexual parties, drug sales, drinking and driving, fraud and many other things that can and will put you and your family in danger.


In my experience from working in a position near you and watching these activities happen first hand I have decided to try and warn those people who would like to know. I have tried to notify the right authorities but a blind eye has been turned. In my understanding from sources that held a higher position then I did, I have found out that most local authorities have been paid to look the other way.


It is a sad day when you think a security gate was intended for your protection, the home owner. In fact it is used to protect those who pay the wages of those who had it built. Those of you who think otherwise would just be fooling yourself. Believe what you would but the truth is out there and when you see it for yourself you will only then understand.


Now, here is how far they go to protect themselves. They will harass, badger, threaten, insult, fire, disgrace, ad your name to a robo call list in their phone room to make sure you are called three to four times a day, they will black list you from working at other places they will steel your commissions and bonuses if you are lucky enough to remain employed, they will do this to the worker who stands up to say something.



If you are a home owner and you feel this is happening within your neighborhood go to your homeowners association and file a complaint. If you know of illegal drug activities report it to the proper DEA authorities in Washington DC, (202) 305-8800 as reporting it locally will do no good. Be careful driving in your neighborhood as many of those working close to your home are known DUI and DWI offenders and have to start their cars with a blow device, there are also those dealing in and manufacturing DAB very close to you and possibly right next door.


If you are invited to a local party take extra care as drugs are being slipped into drinks and sexual advances will be made once you are drugged or passed out. These sexual predators prefer to profile young couples usually in their early twenties who are petite and unknowing. During the assault the victim or victims are videoed and these videos are held over their heads. There is a documented case of this which happened in early 2017 that seems to have been swept under the rug.






To Be Continued:





It is time for you the home owner to stand up and fight as well. You pay your dues and for what? Where does your money go? Would you have your children molested or drugged by someone renting the property next door to you? These transient workers are only around for a short time and only because of the promises of big money.


As a homeowner and parent it is your moral duty to protect the environment where you live and the children you raise. Don’t let this continue to happen in your back yard, don’t let your children be put at risk due to the lack of due diligence of others. You may think you are safe under a veil of fake security but you are not. Remember private security means private and they are paid to protect those who pay them.


As a home owner who pays dues to a home owners association you have rights. You pay for the right to have a safe place to raise your children. In a subtle way these rights are being trampled on right in front of you and you are blind to it. It is done so precisely you would never even see it happening until it is already done and too late.


All of the things I have said here are true as I know from first hand knowledge and have seen it with my own eyes. Sometimes all one needs to do is research and read, for starters look at the Virginia Crime Times Paper, See anyone you know?


Do your research, know your neighbor, open your eyes and look at what is going on around you.




P.S This message is not intended to disparage anyone or any specific individual or company. This is a public service to inform anyone who may need to know. Under the United States Freedom of Information Act all people have the right to know.







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