Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!





Many people would wonder why I would take the time to write or even investigate the resort in question. Well in working there for three years I found out that the company was running one of the biggest scams right under the noses of the local government and law enforcement. What this means it that there are those in higher positions paid to look the other way and to sweep things under the rug when needed. The company I worked for and was a manager for is affiliated with the company in the videos below.


Not only are they lying to the customers here in Virginia but also at their other resorts in other states, This company is known to use any means possible to trap people into tours. Even if they have to prey on cancer victims and their survivors. Their marketing scams run deep and in 1995 the same company was slapped on the wrist by the DOJ for falsely advertising free cars as a gift. When customers ask about the car they would say it was at the dealership.  In speaking with my contacts who are both state and local I have been given the correct paths to follow.



 https://youtu.be/7rVxibJC0jo?t=37 Part1




https://youtu.be/C_0R7SwktVU  Part2









https://youtu.be/pK0sXUhjQP8 Just like the raffle ticket for cancer they fired me over.





These links listed above are just a few of many, please view them as they are the truth.






People have ask why I have not named the resort in question and my answer is, to protect myself as this resort will do anything to protect their operation and their other activities they will even go as far as paying to do harm.


Many families believe that when they bring their families to this resort that they are safe. In truth they are actually bringing their families into the middle of one of the biggest scams they could imagine. Most would never see what is going on right in front of them, but it does go on every day.


For example: There is a manager who still works there that has charges on his record like, 2 counts pet cruelty, 2 Counts brandishing a firearm, drugs charges, many FTA's, DUI, DWI, Assault and there is more.


Also there are still sales personal who still are employed there who have multiple DUI's, DWI's and are driving tours around with blow straws in their cars in order to start their vehicles. Can you imagine you children seeing things like this? Would you ride in these cars?


Many people don't have a clue of what goes on behind the scenes or during the evening hours, Friday and Saturday night parties held by employees who live on the resort or even close by, these parties usually consist of drinking, drugs, sex and date rape again in turn is just swept under the rug due to some of the managers and even a director being involved.


Lets now look at human trafficking and lets ask ourselves about the housekeeping, how many have real green cards? Maybe ICE needs to visit this department.







If you own a weeks unit it is best to always book or trade your unit short term, 30 days or fewer, the closer you trade the less it cost, most want you to deposit it a year or longer out, buy doing this it cost you all your credits and you will not have enough in many cases if you intend to transfer your unit to another resort.

Now for those who have owned a timeshare and end up on tour, your tour will be different, but still the heat will be turned on. If you transfered from one resort to another you may be pressured into a owners meeting. This tour is different as all frontline tours at the resort I was working only sold weeks, There is also a point system that many resorts sell. Beleive me when I tell you a week is not a week, If you purchase a winter week don't expect to show up in the summer, if you buy a blue week you will not be able to use it in a white or red week you won't have have enough credits, as credits are your trading power in the week system. NOT ALL WEEKS ARE RED!











The more you say no the more you throw the sales reps off their game and the better chance you have to leave with your wallet still in your pocket. A good sales rep will be professional and respect you through out the tour. Lets not knock all sales reps as I stated earlier many sales people are feeding their families and will show you the same respect you give them. Sales managers are trained to close the deal and again there are many good ones and even some great ones, But there are those managers and directors that are worse then a thief in the night, beware these types, if you suspect you are being confronted buy one of these, demand to speak to Human Resources or their director and pray their human enough to understand the meaning of no.


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