Everyday in Timeshare was an adventure into the underbelly of the industry, Honesty is never their best policy and forget  looking for an honest deal.



Buyer Beware! Be Alert!



Who Am I?

Someone who just wants to help!




By now you are wondering who I am, Well I am who I am, I was once a top seller of timeshare at a very large private resort, I was a sales manager both in-house and frontline and a friend to the customer I had the pleasure of meeting. I was one who actually cared enough to make sure the customer had a fair deal without marking it up to where it was beyond reason like some I worked with did and still continues to do.


I have taken the time to research the industry and to learn all I could and to make sure you the consumer had a fair shot at a decent deal when purchasing any timeshare. This all came to an end when those in power decided their wallets were more important then the employees that were employed in their company.


Every employee is a human being and deserves to be treated as such, no one who goes to their place of employment needs to be insulted or badgered, sexually harassed or assaulted, verbally abused or your ethnicity held against you by the managers or executives who pretend they are better then the people who work for them.


Companies seem to forget the employee, if not for the worker where would the company be? There would be none. Each day I watched those I worked with including myself be insulted and discriminated against and nothing has been done to correct these problems.


Those who are within the private click are rewarded with advancement and those who are working hard to do the job right are disgraced and fired for no reason of their own except to continue the ESOP money flowing to those who are already vested and these are usually the company managers and exec's..


In publishing this website I have allowed myself to be placed in a dangerous position. I have had phone calls warning me to not talk to any employees still working for the company for my own good. I have had threats placed on my person and those of my family.


Many people do not understand that the timeshare industry is a racket with in itself. There are good companies out there but the private resort where I was employed had no problem gambling with the lives of their own employees.










Here is a good example of endangering the employee, One day the snow was falling at the rate of almost 1 inch per hour and the sales office and in-house tour center is located on the mountain, now the employee has to still pick up their tour and put that tour into their vehicle and proceed down the mountain.


Now the state is under a state emergency and the main roads are closed and the county announces everyone is to stay off the roads but the in-house director insist you take and continue your tour. You are not covered by the resort insurance until your own insurance is exhausted and there is no compensation to you.


Many of the resort employees end up in a weekly publication called crime times. When you the resort guest come and get into a salespersons vehicle or when you hand them a credit card beware you just don't know who you are dealing with just like the salesperson don't know who they are dealing with as well with you the guest, THERE IS NO SCREENING! on either end.


The information I have placed on this website is a hidden trade secrete and is hidden from the public. As the industry grows so does the great pyramid scheme. Those at the bottom stay there while those at the top get richer.



You never know who's car your getting into!


There are worse things that go on behind the scenes. These are just the beginning. I haven't talked about the pay for play agreement made between three people when a salesmans deal is kicked or cancled, or the special treatment for the company exec's and their guest when on resort. Beleive me the Rabbit hole runs deep!


Think about what  have said before you take your next tour!




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